Emergency Treatment of Gunshot Wounds and Related Trauma

3/26/16 & 10/1/16

Onalaska, WA

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Shot Placement Considerations for Deadly Encounters

4/10/16 & 10/02/16

Onalaska, WA

Threat Anatomy

 Is owned and operated by Frank and Melissa DeYoung. Frank started shooting at the age of 5 with his father and has never looked back. Frank was asked to become a Firearms Academy of Seattle staff instructor in 2010 and finished his apprenticeship in 2012. He holds F.A.S. Master Certificates in Carbine, Shotgun, Pistol to include revolver. He has had the opportunity to learn from Massad Ayoob, Marty Hayes, Chuck Taylor, Ken Hackathorne, Tom Givens, John Farnham and Eric Remmen.  Frank has taken multiple classes from many of the aforementioned instructors. One of Frank’s biggest accomplishments is earning a Master Handgun rating from Chuck Taylor. Frank also has been an NRA instructor and holds Distinguished Expert ratings from the NRA in rifle and pistol. Frank is also a Patron Life member of the NRA and the VFW. Frank has spent time in the Army and the Navy, having deployed as a Small Craft Coxswain with weapons. Frank in his off time is an avid hunter and enjoys watching his grandkids grow up.
 On the trauma side of life Frank received his EMT-Basic certification in 1996. Frank then stepped up to an EMT-Paramedic certification in 2001 with a busy transport agency and seen his share of Trauma and has applied many life saving skills in the field. Frank is still working in this capacity as a Fire Fighter/ Paramedic for a city North of Seattle. Frank was also a Navy Corpsman for 5 years.
 Melissa is entrenched in the self defense mindset. She works full time for the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network and also is working as firearms instructor with the Firearms Academy of Seattle. She started learning about shooting and trauma from Frank and has built her instructional career under Massad Ayoob, John and Vickie Farnham and also Marty and Gila Hayes. Melissa holds two Distinguished Expert ratings from the NRA in pistol. Melissa is a Patron Life member of the NRA. Melissa enjoys shooting and instructing and is looking forward to the future to continue to educate herself and others.  Melissa in her off time is busy chasing grand kids or Frank over the hills hunting.

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Shot Placement 6/18/16
Trauma 6/19/16
Spokane, WA 

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Shot Placement 8/6/16
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