Eyes Open Always Seeing

 Here at Threat Anatomy we strive to provide real world training to our students that is practical and something you can do at 3a.m. without a lot of thinking.​

 Our logo was created with the thought in mind that if we keep our eyes open and are always paying attention “Condition Orange” that alone should keep us safe. The other focus part on the eyes, is if you don’t see your front sight or stress fire index or gun silhouette, (one of these),   you have no clue as to where the round went that you just fired. Lastly, as you well may have guessed with the logo representing the Yin and Yang (opposites) you very well may be stopping bleeding and heaven forbid starting the bleeding because you had to use deadly force.

Who We Are

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Our Classes

Emergency Treatment of Gunshot Wounds and Related Trauma

3/26/16 & 10/1/16

Onalaska, WA

Shot Placement 8/6/16
Trauma 8/7/16
Anchorage, AK

Shot Placement Considerations for Deadly Encounters

4/10/16 & 10/02/16

Onalaska, WA

Shot Placement 6/18/16
Trauma 6/19/16
Spokane, WA 

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Threat Anatomy LLC/ We are your mobile Training Team!